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Webcasts & Presentations

Giga Wire: Topologies and Profiles
A Service Provider’s Perspective on Webinar
Managing the Digital Home Ecosystem – HomeGrid Forum at BBWF 2015, David Thorne
HomeGrid Forum Technical Overview given by Rami Verbin, CTO at Sigma Designs
IOT Slam 2016 presentation, “ as the Backbone to Wireless,” by Donna Yasay, HGF President
devolo ITU-T solution for German Smart Grid Rollout – HGF at IEEE ISPLC April 2019 by George Hallak, Manager Research Smart Grids devolo Standardization – Present and Future – HGF at IEEE ISPLC April 2019 by Marcos Martinez y Salvador Iranzo, MaxLinear
HomeGrid Forum Overview and Multiple Application Profiles - HGF at IEEE ISPLC April 2019 by Dr. Len Dauphinee, HGF President for Smart Grid & Industrial Applications. Roadmap and Certification Update – IEEE ISPLC May 2020 – by Marcos Martinez, Chair CWG
Update on Operators deployment of for MDU and SFU topologies - GiGAWire at BBF BASe Las Vegas, October 2019 - by Paul Arola, Senior Design Specialist at TELUS


HGF White Paper Industrial IoT Use Cases, published March 2023
PLC Neighboring Networks
The Value of Physical-Layer Technology Certification Programs to ISPs, published August 2016
FAQs:, Any wire Communications throughout the Connected Home
Measurement Analysis Testing Powerline Products, published December 2015
Coexistence and Interoperability in a mixed vendor PLC environment, published January 2017
Overview of Draft Recommendation ITU-T G.9963 (
Status of EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Regulation (FCC/EU) for Powerline, Coax and Phoneline Devices
HomeGrid Forum Service Provider Flyer
Using in Access Networks. GiGAWire Technology. June 2020

Member Papers & Videos

Las Vegas Case Study: LUMEN with ReadyLinks Access improving customer experience
MaxLinear Wave-2 Networking Products
Use Dark Coax to Easily Deliver Triple Play Services: Comtrend Case Study
Streamlining Camera Installs Powerline with PoE makes Camera Installs Easy: Comtrend Case Study
Camera Installs Made Easy Innovative Use of Powerline with PoE: Comtrend Case Study
Marvell’s Beats Extollo’s HomePlug AV2 in Lab & Field Tests
Sigma Designs Prime Chips Set Speed Record
Evolution of Next Generation Broadband Technology –
World’s First Service Trial of ITU-T over Plastic Optical Fibre (POF)
Marvell Product Brief
Metanoia Product Brief
Sigma Designs Brochure

Legal & Membership Documents

HomeGrid Forum Articles of Incorporation – Filed May 23, 2013
HomeGrid Bylaws
HomeGrid Forum Antitrust Guidelines
HomeGrid Membership Agreement
HomeGrid IPR Policy

Testing & Certification

HomeGrid Forum Testing Procedure for Powerline
Broadband Forum Performance Test Plan For In-premises Powerline Communication Systems (TR-208 Issue 3)

ITU-T Standards and Whitepapers

ITU-T Technical Paper GSTP-OPHN (09/2022) - Operation of technology over access and in-premises phone line medium
G.9960: Unified high-speed wireline-based home networking transceivers - System architecture and physical layer specification
G.9961: Unified high-speed wireline-based home networking transceivers - Data link layer specification
G.9962: Unified high-speed wire-line based home networking transceivers - Management specification
G.9963: Unified high-speed wireline-based home networking transceivers - Multiple input/multiple output specification
G.9964: Unified high-speed wireline-based home
networking transceivers - Power spectral density specification
G.9972: Coexistence mechanism for wireline home networking transceivers
G.9977 : Mitigation of interference between DSL and PLC
G.9978 : Secure admission in a network
G.9979 : Implementation of the generic mechanism in the IEEE 1905.1a-2014 standard to include applicable ITU-T Recommendations