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  • To search for products from a specific manufacturer, enter (part or all of) that manufacturer's name in the Search box. Manufacturers with certified products are: ZTE, Zowee Smart Manufacturing Co, Zinwell Corporation, Teleconnect, Sendtek Corporation, Prime Electronics & Satellitics Inc, NexusLink, Netbit Electronics, Huawei Technologies, HOMA Technologies JSC, devolo AG, D-Link Corporation, Comtrend Corporation, CIG, ARRIS Solutions, Actiontec Electronics.
  • To search for products that have Ethernet or Wi-Fi ports, enter one of those words in the Search box.
  • You can also search for products certified using a particular Test Specification (e.g., v1.8), or that were certified for a particular frequency band (e.g., MIMO 50 MHz).
  • Separate multiple search criteria with a space.
  • Click on a physical medium category to show only devices supporting G.hn on that medium.