G.hn Access (GHNA) Certification Program

G.hn Access (GHNA) logo that represents the joint certification program between the HomeGrid Forum and the Broadband Forum.


HomeGrid Forum and The Broadband Forum have jointly developed the G.hn Access Certification Program (“GHNA”), allowing network operators, service providers, and system vendors to accelerate broadband deployments.

The GHNA Certification Program is designed to combine HomeGrid Forum’s compliance and interoperability testing with The Broadband Forum’s performance testing of G.hn Access systems (ITU-T G.hn standard G.996x series).

The GHNA Certification Program is comprised of:

  • Part A: Compliance & Interoperability testing (HomeGrid Forum’s “GiGAWire testing”)
  • Part B: Performance testing (Broadband Forum’s “BBF.GHNA testing”)

Only G.hn Access equipment that has successfully passed both Part A and Part B testing shall be granted the GHNA Logo and Certificate.

G.hn Access Technology

GHNA Certification Program allows network operators, service providers, and system vendors to accelerate broadband deployments with highly performant, interoperable, and standard compliant systems leveraging G.hn Access technology in Point-to-Point (P2P) and Point-to-Multipoint (P2MP) network topologies, over coax and phonelines, for addressing FTTdp, MDU, SFU, and Fiber Extension scenarios.

How to Get Tested and Certified

This certification is available for system vendors that are members of one of the two organizations: HomeGrid Forum or The Broadband Forum.

Applicants that are qualified members in both organizations may apply for certification through the organization of their choice.

The GHNA certification process is as follows:

  1. System vendors submit applications for GHNA Certification to either of the two organizations that they are member of.
  2. The organization refers the applicant to the Test Lab(s) for both Part A and Part B testing.
  3. The applicant works directly with the approved Test Lab(s) to complete Part A and Part B testing.
  4. Upon successful completion of Part A and Part B testing, the applicant shall receive the GHNA certificate and a right to use the GHNA certification logo.
  5. Certified system vendors shall be listed on both organizations’ websites.

Resources for GHNA Certification Program applicants

  1. OD-498 Ghn_Access_Program_Guidelines_Rev-03
  2. WT-476 G.hn Access Performance Test Plan Rev 19
  3. G.hn Access Certification Application Form and PICS for GiGAWire Profile Testing
  4. Part A certification test plan
  5.  BBF-HGF Similarity and OEM Details

For more information about The Broadband Forum, please see: https://www.broadband-forum.org/