Certification Overview

The new HomeGrid Forum G.hn Test Plan for all mediums is now available for HomeGrid Forum member companies!

The BroadBand Forum Powerline Test Plan (TR-208i2) regarding Powerline Delivery for in-home networking deployed in Carrier Grade Networks is now available!  Follow this link to view the test plan: https://www.broadband-forum.org/technical/download/TR-208_Issue-2.pdf

HomeGrid Forum G.hn Certification Testing

HomeGrid Forum (HGF) certification testing is designed to ensure that a commercially available product (containing both HomeGrid G.hn silicon and production software/firmware) complies with ITU-T G.hn standards and the HomeGrid requirements regarding interoperability, performance, etc. as specified in the HomeGrid Forum Certification Test Plans.

HomeGrid Forum members can submit their G.hn system products for certification testing according to a suite of tests developed by HGF Compliance and Interoperability Work Group (C&I WG). All Certification test documents are available to any HomeGrid member in good standing. Only HGF members are permitted to submit G.hn system products for Certification testing. Non-members seeking certification must first become members of HGF.

Certification Testing is performed at an HGF accredited test house (ATH). Members’ products, which successfully complete Certification testing at an Accredited Test House, are awarded the relevant HGF Certification.

The current HomeGrid Forum accredited test houses are;

Laboratory Location Status Contact
ALLION Labs Taipei, Taiwan OPEN NanKang Software Park Bldg. G
9F, No. 3-1 Yuan Ku Street,
Taipei, Taiwan,  11503 R.O.C.
Tel: +886-2-2655-7877, +866-2-7722-8800
Fax: +866-2-2655-7879
Email: service@allion.com
ALLION Labs Shenzhen, China OPEN SuperD Technology Tower, 8F,No.12, Keji
South 8th Rd. Nanshan District
Shenzhen, 518057, PRC
PH: +86-755-8663-6380
FAX: +86-755-8663-6330
Email: cn_service@allion.com
China Telecom Shanghai Research Institute Shanghai, China ONGOING TO BE PROVIDED

Certification Test Fees: The fee to test G.hn silicon or products for certification is paid directly by vendors to the Authorized Test Houses.  Please contact the Labs for a testing quote.

HGF reserves the right to charge an additional fee for issuing any certification.

HGF Certified system products are listed, along with their Test Certificates, on HGF web pages as follows:

  • The “Silicon Vendors” web page contains information on all HGF G.hn silicon that were included in certified products.
  • The “Certified Systems” web page contains information and links to certified products.

Accredited Test Labs – Currently active versions of certification:

Version LCMP* Supported band-plans and release notes  Effective Date  Expiration
1.8 YES Phone (50 MHz; 100 MHz)
Powerline (SISO) (50, 100 MHz)
Powerline (MIMO (50, 100 MHz)
Coaxial (50 MHz-BB; 100 MHz BB; 200 MHz BB)

Release Notes: Updated Performance thresholds in Section 23, plus editorial changes

Dec. 2017 TBD
1.7.1 YES Phone (50 MHz; 100 MHz)
Powerline (SISO) (50, 100 MHz)
Powerline (MIMO (50, 100 MHz)
Coaxial (50 MHz-BB; 100 MHz BB; 200 MHz BB)

Release Notes: Various corrections to 1.6 based on first certifications processes using LCMP. Introduction of coax and phone parameters. Updates to correct errors to version 1.7

Dec 2016 Mar 2018

*LCMP capability allows automatic certification procedures that speed up the certification process. This optional feature will become mandatory in future releases of the certification process.

More information about certification and all relevant documentation can be found in the HGF “Members Only” section of the HGF website.

For non-members to find out more information about certification or about joining HGF, please e-mail administration@homegridforum.org.

Test material:

HomeGrid Forum implemented a partnership with different equipment providers in order to develop G.hn-qualified test products that can are used in HGF´s certification program and other test processes like TR-208.

Equipment Provider Purpose Order Information
IPTV Splitters for Coax Testing Holland Electronics HGF Certification http://www.hollandelectronics.com/associations/homegrid-g.hn.html
G.hn Universal PLC Splitter Telebyte Inc HGF Certification

TR-208 test