HomeGrid Forum Overview

HomeGrid Forum (HGF) is an industry alliance formed to support the development and deployment of a unified coaxial, phoneline, powerline, and plastic optical fiber home networking technology called G.hn (Gigabit Home Networking). G.hn technology is based on standards developed by the UN’s International Telecommunications Union – Telecom (ITU-T) standards development organization.

HomeGrid Certification ensures compliance and interoperability (C&I) of silicon and systems through plugfests and rigorous C&I testing. A logo is issued for certified systems’ packaging and documentation of G.hn-based systems. HGF Certification ensures that retail customers and Service Providers have confidence in, and great satisfaction with all HGF G.hn Certified Certified products.

HomeGrid Forum members comprise an eco-system covering all aspects of the technology from Retailers to Service Providers, Utilities to Smart Grid think tanks, System Developers to Test Houses and Silicon Companies.

The purpose of HomeGrid Forum is to:

  • Lead the work within the ITU-T to continuously expand G.hn, through a sustained effort to improve and extend this advanced home networking technology for any in-home wiring (coaxial cable, phone line, powerline and plastic optical fiber).
  • Encourage and evangelize the adoption and widespread deployments of G.hn by Service Providers and through Retail channels.
  • Provide a clear migration path for all legacy wired technologies to G.hn, where coexistence and G.hn’s ability to work over any wire type enables Service Providers to extend the life of their existing network investments while increasing coverage, robustness, and throughput in the home.
  • Maintain a comprehensive compliance and interoperability program to promote an ecosystem of compliant silicon and interoperable products based on the ITU-T G.hn standards.

HomeGrid Forum supports the deployment of a unified coaxial, phone line and powerline home networking technology, ensures compliance and interoperability of products based on the technology and issues a certified logo for use with certified system products.

The HomeGrid Forum G.hn Test Plan for Powerline is available!  Click here to access the document.