GiGA Wire Access


GiGA Wire is the broadband access network solution based on the ITU-T standard. Conventionally, has supported broadband access within the home. GiGA Wire extends applicability to the multi dwelling unit (MDU) environment, including large apartment complexes and office buildings. It provides crosstalk mitigation and auto pairing features to support multiple users using bundled cables. With the GiGA Wire solution, you can significantly improve Internet connection speed in the MDU environment, where optical fiber cannot be deployed to each unit.

Network Configuration

For GiGA Wire service, a GAM ( Access Multiplexer) is needed in the basement of building complex or in the communication room, and a GNT ( Network Terminal) is needed in each household. The GAM provides 1Gbps and 10Gbps Ethernet-PON (EPON) WAN interfaces. The GNT provides 1Gbps Ethernet and POTS voice interfaces.

Key Features

Frequency Band Plan

The GiGA Wire transmission frequency band complies with ITU-T G.9961 as shown in the figure below. Even though the GiGA Wire frequency band overlaps with VDSL (i.e., 3.5~30MHz ), its transmission power level is low (i.e., -70dBm/Hz), so it does not affect the legacy VDSL service whose transmission power is much higher (i.e., -56.5dBm/Hz). GiGA Wire also provides a frequency notching function for co-existence with other services.

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