G.hn Certification Test Equipment

Model GHN-SP-UPLC Universal Power Line Communications Splitter

The Model GHN-SP-UPLC Universal Powerline Communications Splitter device is used to provide a controlled AC port to the PLC modem, separate and isolate the high-frequency PLC signal from AC power, and make it accessible on three BNC ports labelled L1, L2 and L3 with a controlled impedance. Having the PLC signal on BNC ports allows using standard instruments and accessories to perform measurements and build controlled topologies. Capable of performing Dynamic PSD Test and Cognitive Frequency Exclusion test (Dynamic Notching) per EN 50561-1 using Telebyte’s Model 501 and 501-Probe-Coax.

More information: https://telebyteplc.com/ghn-sp-uplc/

Model GHN-SP-SPLCOMB-UPLC-3 3-Channel Splitter/Combiner

A symmetrical power splitter and combiner where all the ports have 6 dB attenuation to each other.

This product provides one set of three BNC ports on one side and two sets on either side. The spacing between connectors is the same as in the GHN-SP-UPLC Universal Powerline Communications Splitter, allowing the device to be connected directly using male-male BNC barrels to reduce the number of cables. (Unused ports of the 3-Channel Power Splitter/Combiner must be terminated with 50Ω.)

More information: https://telebyteplc.com/ghn-sp-uplc/

The GHN-SP-UPLC connected to the GHN-SP-SPLCOMB-UPLC-3

Model GHN-AT-PROG-UPLC-3-Slope 3-Channel Programmable Attenuator

3-Channel Programmable Attenuator is used along with the GHN-SP-UPLC in the PSD Measurement test set up and offers an attenuation range of 1 to 100 dB in 1-dB increments. The Slope filter provides a frequency dependent additional attenuation to more closely emulate the electrical wiring attenuation used in buildings and residences. This will assist with testing G.hn PLC devices more closely to the field deployment environments to compare the data rate vs length of electrical wiring.

Software available for control includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a remote command line interface (CLI) for automation testing.

More information: https://telebyteplc.com/ghn-at-prog-uplc-3-slope/

Model 4902 Noise Generator

20 kHz to 300 MHz Universal Noise Generator for Realistic G.hn Testing. User-friendly configuration software allows the user to select and build impairment models common to G.hn network implementations. A generous assortment of custom crosstalk as well as impulse noises (e.g., REIN, SHINE and PEIN) can be created. It can also generate a wide variety of interferences from 100kHz to 300 MHz that may impact G.hn deployments. These include background Gaussian noise, high frequency impulse noise from the AC electrical wiring (REIN) and other types of impulse noise (PEIN, SHINE & WHINE), FM radio, Broadcast TV, Spark Plug Ignition noise, PLC noise, Reverse Power Feed noise and more. In addition, user-defined files in several formats (such as MATLAB. CSV and Excel) may be imported.

More information: https://telebyteplc.com/model-4902/

Test Set Up Diagrams

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