PG-9085 2000 Powerline with AC1200 solves dead Wireless zones in hard-to-reach locations using the existing electrical wiring. The PG-9085 has next generation Wave 2 technology.

Certified System Description

The PowerGrid 9085, ITU-T networking standard compliant Ethernet adapter, is designed to meet the growing demand for perfect connectivity and coverage across multiple devices connected concurrently throughout the home. The Powerline Wi-Fi Extender wall plugs allow users to take Wi-Fi with them anywhere throughout the home or backyard and enjoy a seamless wireless experience.

The PowerGrid 9085 supports the new generation of so-called wave2 tech, 100MHz MIMO operation with an AC filter female power socket and can be used with two fully programmable reception and transmission paths to attain up to 1.2Gps PHY over powerline. Also, combining Realtek RTK8197FS and RTK8812BRH chips utilize the concurrent dual band Wi-Fi radios, driving the Powerline Wi-Fi Extenders, enabling them to leverage both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands to deliver a seamless wireless experience anywhere in the home. Realtek smart Wi-Fi technology Airtime fairness/QoS will also enable the virtualization of Wi-Fi resources, so that Wi-Fi capacity can be dynamically apportioned and provisioned to different devices, services and applications.

Certified System Features

Firmware version SPIRIT.v6_6_r497+27
Certified band plans 100 MHz
Certification date 03-29-2021
Test specification v1.7.1