­HomeGrid Forum welcomes Terra Ferma to support G.hn LiFi interoperability efforts

30 May 2024 –LiFi interoperability has been strongly bolstered, as the HomeGrid Forum announces Terra Ferma as the newest member of the organization.

An industry leading Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) with extensive experience in designing and building ruggedized Power over Ethernet (PoE) products for challenging operations, Terra Ferma’s cybersecure LiFi solutions provide up to 1Gpbs secure network access per Access Point. The company’s expertise in building fast, secure wireless networks with full end to end industrial and military grade LiFi solutions will now be used by the HomeGrid Forum to continue driving innovation. Benefits of this partnership will be most visible in the LiFi Task Force plugfests and interoperability activities.

“We are delighted to welcome Terra Ferma as our newest member”, said HomeGrid Forum President Livia Rosu, also leading the strategy alliances landscape at MaxLinear. “Their innovative LiFi products designed and manufactured in the USA for harsh environments and tactical operations have already established Terra Ferma as an industry leader in the ever-growing industrial, military, and government sectors and made the company a perfect fit for the HomeGrid Forum. I look forward to seeing the added insight and innovation they will bring to our organization.”

Terra Ferma’s membership follows the recent appointment of Oledcomm CEO Benjamin Azoulay as the new Chair of the LiFi Task Force. As LiFi continues to be recognized as a key wireless communication alternative to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or 5G, today’s announcement serves as testament to the LiFi Task Force’s commitment to ensuring increased awareness and adoption of the G.hn technology, extending LiFi use cases to address military and government requirements.

“The HomeGrid Forum has continually proven an inspiration when it comes to LiFi developments,” said Dennis Roark, CEO of Terra Ferma. “We look forward to collaborating with Oledcomm and a group of like-minded experts and industry leaders who share a common goal. As a member of the HomeGrid Forum, we will join forces for fostering interoperability, driving the evolution of LiFi technology.”

As a member of the HomeGrid Forum, and a contributor to the LiFi Task Force, Terra Ferma will actively engage in key industry discussions, while collaborating on technical specifications and developing best practices for the implementation of LiFi technology.

To learn more about the ongoing work of the LiFi Task Force and join its meetings, please visit: https://members.homegridforum.org/wg/LiFi-TF/dashboard.

To view the HomeGrid Forum G.hn broadband connectivity solution through invisible light with LiFi please visit: https://homegridforum.org/lifi/


About HomeGrid Forum

HomeGrid Forum (HGF) is an industry alliance that brings together the world’s best in technology innovators, silicon vendors, system manufacturers, and service providers to promote G.hn, a globally recognized networking technology based on ITU-T standards providing multi-gig access and in-building solutions for enterprise, industrial, smart grid, and residential use cases. G.hn is the most reliable and versatile network backhaul available today over coax, copper pairs, powerline, and plastic optical fiber as well as LiFi communication systems over visible light, ultraviolet and infrared spectrums. Our members promote the global adoption of G.hn, a single unified, multi-sourced networking technology. 

HomeGrid Forum provides G.hn silicon and system certification programs through Compliance and Interoperability testing and collaborates with other standards organizations for deeper performance testing.

For more information on HomeGrid Forum, please visit our website at www.homegridforum.org

About Terra Ferma

Terra Ferma is an industry leading Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) that provides Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) of Rugged!™ power and communications products. They specialize in rapidly prototyping ODM & OEM solutions, advanced engineering and manufacturing solutions for rapid new product development and fast time to market. They provide fully functional, cost effective, and tested/certified products. With a fast time to market, Terra Ferma significantly contributes to their customers’ bottom line.

For more information on Terra Ferma, please visit website https://terraferma.com/

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