HomeGrid Forum Appoints Oledcomm’s Benjamin Azoulay as New LiFi Task Force Chair to Drive Interoperability Endeavors

08, April 2024 – Manufacturers across the globe will be empowered to make crucial contributions to the future of LiFi technology, following Benjamin Azoulay’s appointment as Chair of the HomeGrid Forum’s LiFi Task Force.

Aiming to drive continued market growth and interoperability of LiFi technology, Azoulay and Oledcomm have been recognized by the HomeGrid Forum for their creation of – and ongoing innovations within – the G.vlc Li-Fi sector. This includes the miniaturization of LiFi technology into an ASIC chip, which enabled the technology’s seamless integration into mobile devices. This breakthrough was followed by the first ever LiFi G.hn product launch into space by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in April 2023, and the development of ruggedized solutions for industrial applications.

“Benjamin Azoulay’s appointment to LiFi Task Force Chair reflects his ongoing dedication to driving LiFi advancements and adoptions,” said HomeGrid Forum President Livia Rosu, also leading the strategy alliances landscape at MaxLinear. “Under his leadership, Oledcomm has emerged as a global leader in last-mile wireless optical communications, whether for space, defense or security applications. Since joining the HomeGrid Forum, his vision for greater collaboration and interoperability has been a source of inspiration across a number of industries, and his experience and expertise will drive the LiFi Task Force to future innovations.”

LiFi technology, first developed by Oledcomm, is a wireless communication technology designed to enhance wireless communication by offering a secure, low-detection alternative to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or 5G technologies. It uses optical wireless communication within the photonics field, without radio frequency waves, making it ideal for environments where radio waves are undesirable.

“I remain convinced that in order to achieve widespread adoption of LiFi technologies, manufacturers most come together to develop reliable, interoperable solutions,” said new LiFi Task Force Chair and Oledcomm CEO Benjamin Azoulay. “This is why, in my new role, the goal will be to persuade additional manufacturers to join our efforts. Through increased collaboration, we can offer a comprehensive range of LiFi solutions which are all fully compatible with each other, providing a backbone for future innovation.”

Oledcomm’s continued leadership in the field of LiFi technology has attracted key partnerships with industry giants such as Airbus, Thales, Oneweb, Cambium Networks, CNES, and ESA. The company’s contributions have been acknowledged by the European Innovation Council (EIC) through the SatelLiFe project and by the French Government with the LEEOS project. These critical projects highlight Oledcomm and Azoulay’s pivotal roles both within the LiFi sector and beyond.

Details on current LiFi Task Force activities can be found on the HomeGrid Forum website.


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