HomeGrid Forum at Smart Summit Asia!

By Yuqing Niu, Marketing Work Group Chair – Asia & CEO at Xingtera

Smart Summit Asia Logo

Last week I joined the panel discussion ‘identifying key technology drivers for wider adoption of connected solutions’ at Smart Summit Asia on behalf of HomeGrid Forum. The two-day Summit, which was held in Singapore, saw industry leaders from around the world come together to discuss the impact of IoT on homes, cities, and industries.

The panel addressed key industry questions such as; how to achieve better communication between products and devices, how to ensure device interoperability, what power challenges there might be in the future and how to overcome them and the benefits of different standards.

This was a great event for HomeGrid Forum to be a part of as we discussed the key challenges facing our industry, possible solutions including G.hn as the backbone to smart home networking, and the need for vendor interoperability and industry-wide certification to ensure high standards are met to protect consumers and vendors alike.

One of the key takeaways from the event was the sense of amazement G.hn technology caused amongst the other participants – most IoT topics are about LPWAN twisted with different standards, and the target groups are fragmented. When all of this is considered, what we have achieved at HomeGrid Forum is truly impressive.

As the Asian home networking market continues to grow, we look forward to attending more events to promote the benefits of using G.hn technologies.

If you’d like to connect with us, we’ll be attending CES Las Vegas, from January 5-8!