HomeGrid Forum names Xingtera as first G.hn certified silicon vendor based in China

Xingtera’s G.hn chipset becomes the first in China to gain prestigious HomeGrid Forum G.hn certification status

Shanghai, China. November 28, 2016

News highlights:

  • HomeGrid Forum announces first G.hn certification for a Chinese silicon vendor
  • Xingtera’s XT1800 G.hn chipset has achieved full certification

HomeGrid Forum today announced that Xingtera’s XT1800 G.hn chipset has been awarded its prestigious G.hn certification, recognizing a high-performance product that allows networking over any form of cabling at a rate of 1 Gigabit per second – a direct result of Xingtera’s ongoing dedication to the development of the chipset.

“At HomeGrid Forum we champion industry certification programs, not only to ensure that high, minimum standards are met, but also to enable widespread interoperability – something we believe to be key to the success of G.hn,” commented Donna Yasay, President of HomeGrid Forum. “Naming Xingtera as the first certified vendor based in China is an important milestone and paves the way for other Chinese vendors. Xingtera’s achievement is particularly impressive because they have done so much in a relatively short space of time.”

As well as the development of its G.hn chipset, Xingtera has become a key player in promoting technology and networking products in China, which is an extremely competitive and busy market as China continues to dominate the global technology industry.

Speaking of the importance of the G.hn certification, Xingtera’s CEO and HomeGrid Forum’s marketing co-chair, Yuqing Niu said: “This accomplishment marks a new milestone in the history of Xingtera, and the entire G.hn ecosystem. Our customers will now be able to develop and deploy high-performance, reliable wireline communication systems in next-generation networked homes based on the certified chipset. Working with HomeGrid Forum is enabling Xingtera to drive the rapid deployment of G.hn technology, especially in China, which is a market with great growth potential for G.hn.”

This week, Yuqing Niu will speak at Smart Summit Asia (30 November-1 December, Singapore) on a panel session titled: Identifying Key Technology Drivers for Wider Adoption of Connected Solutions, which takes place on Day 2 between 15:20-15:50pm. For more information on HomeGrid Forum please visit the website: www.homegridforum.org/.