G.hn Market Adoption Takes Further Strides as New Products are Certified at HomeGrid Forum’s China Plugfest

Six new products using three different silicon providers have achieved certification at the event in China: ARRIS, CIG, Comtrend, NetBit, Zinwell and ZTE

Shanghai, China, December 14, 2016

News highlights:

  • HomeGrid Forum held a Plugfest event hosted by China Telecom Shanghai Research Institute in November
  • Six system vendors submitted G.hn products (operating over powerline and coax) for testing –  all achieved certification
  • Allion Labs has now certified 19, Gigabit-capable products
  • Products certified include Wi-Fi extenders, and powerline and coax-Ethernet adapters

Six products have achieved G.hn certification in the latest of HomeGrid Forum’s regular series of certification Plugfests, which are designed to bring quality G.hn products to market in the fastest possible time. The successful outcome of the Plugfest, which was hosted in China by China Telecom Shanghai Research Institute, demonstrates how HomeGrid Forum members are accelerating the rate of certification as market demand expands. G.hn is increasingly seen as the future of wired home networking as other technologies begin to reach their capacity limits and are on the wane.

The November Plugfest was conducted by Allion Labs, HomeGrid Forum’s Accredited Test House (ATH) and enabled members to perform testing of their G.hn devices against reference devices and previously certified products. Six system vendors, with products powered by three silicon vendors, submitted G.hn products operating over powerline and coax for testing and all achieved certification. These companies are ARRIS, CIG, Comtrend, NetBit, Zinwell and ZTE, with products powered by three silicon vendors: Marvell, Sigma Designs and Xingtera.

HomeGrid Forum was very excited to have such a successful Plugfest in China.  HomeGrid Forum President, Donna Yasay, said: “China is a massive market and we have already had major successes with products and devices being launched by Chinese e-commerce retailers back in 2015.  Having China partners host this year’s testing event is a major boost to our efforts in the region and our Plugfests will enable many more products to launch here.”

The range of products and number of vendors achieving certification are a testament to HomeGrid Forum’s drive and guidance, ensuring multi-vendor silicon certified G.hn products are all interoperable.

Yasay also commented on recent market developments that have strengthened the position of G.hn as the technology for the future in home networking: “There is no other technology on the market that is as versatile and future-proof as G.hn, and has the backing of international standards organizations. We are at the beginning of our journey with the potential of G.hn. We are witnessing its growing momentum as other technologies start to fall by the wayside.”

Full details of all G.hn certified products are available on the website at: Certified Systems