HomeGrid Forum to bring China Telecom Shanghai Corporation, Sigma Designs, Xingtera, and MaxLinear together for G.hn industry seminar in Shanghai

Shanghai, China. 4 September 2017

News highlights:

  • HomeGrid Forum announces speaker line-up for its industry seminar on G.hn at the Shanghai Smart Home Technology event (5-7 September)
  • Representatives from leading industry organisations including China Telecom Shanghai Corporation, Sigma Designs, Huawei, Xingtera, Allion Labs and MaxLinear are confirmed attendees
  • These market leaders in G.hn will discuss connectivity and network infrastructure in the global consumer and service provider markets
  • Dr. Leonard “Len” Dauphinee will make his first public appearance as the new HomeGrid Forum President

China Telecom Shanghai Corporation, Sigma Designs, Huawei, Xingtera, Allion Labs and MaxLinear will headline the HomeGrid Forum’s G.hn industry seminar. The seminar, taking place on Wednesday 6 September as part of the Shanghai Smart Home Technology event, will bring together key industry players to discuss and share the latest smart home technology trends. There will be a focus on technical integration and cross-sector collaboration to encourage and develop innovation.

The seminar will kick-off with a presentation from one of the most recognised telecom providers in the region, China Telecom Shanghai Corporation, who will be represented by Mr. Zhang Jun, Associate Chief Engineer. Mr. Zhang’s session will focus on commercial G.hn deployments by carriers in China. The Forum’s new President, Dr. Leonard Dauphinee, will then make his first public appearance in his role to explain why G.hn is the future of smart home networking.

“HomeGrid Forum is very excited to be participating in this seminar.  The Asian region is leading the way when it comes to smart home deployments. China has become the market leader when it comes to the purchase of 4K televisions, which will no doubt move to 8K in the future. As the technology market continues to boom globally, the demands that new services will place on the home network can only be met by an infrastructure with a robust, wired backbone such as G.hn. We look forward to discussing this and more at the seminar next week,” said Dr. Dauphinee.

Yuqing Niu, CEO Xingtera and HomeGrid Forum Marketing Working Group Chair for Asia, will share her insights into the evolution of smart home networking, with an emphasis on home mesh networks. She will also explain the role and significance of G.hn in the APAC region.

“The idea of mesh networking is quickly becoming a reality and gaining momentum in both Asia and the US,” said Ms Niu. “Home mesh is arguably the next step in the evolution of home networking, as the benefits are two-fold. Firstly, it provides a solution to the issues associated with legacy infrastructure, and secondly, it enables multiple technologies to work together in the home to overcome dead zones and maintain bandwidth to data hungry applications.”

The seminar will also include topical discussions around security and encryption in the smart home digital network, moderated by the Forum’s Marketing Working Group Chair, Livia Rosu. Issues around cybersecurity, such as hacking and data leaks, are gaining increasing attention around the globe, and require international cooperation and wide-ranging strategies to tackle them. This will provide an opportunity to explain how per-link encryption is used within G.hn to ensure the network is protected.

To complement these discussions, there will be a session on the role of certification and industry bodies in enabling good performance standards, which protect consumers as well as vendors and suppliers.

The Forum invites all interested parties to attend the event in Shanghai next week. To book a place, please visit the registration website here.