New HomeGrid Forum paper discusses coexistence and interoperability in a mixed vendor PLC environment

HomeGrid Forum releases educational white paper as a service to consumers and service providers

London, England, January 23, 2017

News highlights:

  • HomeGrid Forum publishes educational white paper on coexistence and interoperability
  • Paper explains these important concepts for powerline communications (PLC) and the role of certification and compliance programs in ensuring usability and good performance
  • The whitepaper can be downloaded here

HomeGrid Forum has released a white paper titled “Coexistence and Interoperability in a mixed vendor PLC environment,” which describes these two different concepts and their role in providing the best possible user experience and avoiding false expectations from users looking to expand their network.

The white paper explains the importance of interoperability in networking technologies and how this allows different chipsets to send and receive data between each other. Coexistence is a different concept, as it attempts to solve the problem of devices using different, non-interoperable technologies on the same physical network segment.

Donna Yasay, President of HomeGrid Forum, said: “Interoperability, backwards compatibility, coexistence and neighbouring network interference are all concepts that can have a very real impact on the usability and performance of powerline technologies. HomeGrid Forum has an important role in pushing implementations to support these concepts, but without introducing unnecessary costs.”

The highly versatile nature of is also highlighted in the paper. It explains how coexistence can be accomplished for powerline technologies using the Inter System Protocol (ISP), which has already been implemented into some silicon, unlike other technologies which can be present on a physical powerline segment. Further, some silicon has implemented a proprietary mechanism to achieve partial coexistence by recognising the presence of other technologies. Finally, is the only standard for wired home networks that incorporates effective mitigation of interference from neighbouring powerline systems.

The importance of certification and compliance programs is also highlighted as a vital service to consumers and service providers who need full interoperability.

“HomeGrid Forum takes its role in providing information to educate potential customers about these important concepts very seriously and this is reflected in the new white paper. We also believe it is important to highlight the value of certification and compliance programs for consumers and service providers to maintain a high-quality user experience,” added Yasay.

To read the full white paper, please download it from the website here. A HomeGrid Forum representative will today be speaking on a panel session titled: Interoperability as the key to success at IoT Tech Expo Global 2017 in London at 1.40pm.