Coaxing along gigabit home networking speeds over Coax – no problem!

Comtrend launches the first Ethernet over Coax adapter –with Marvell chips is making great strides this year and is fast becoming the “any wire” technology we have all worked so hard to achieve.

Comtrend has announced its first Ethernet over Coax Adapter, creating a truly simple and affordable alternative to WiFi for home networking.  The GCA-6000 introduces a new standard in coax networking, and uses existing coaxial (cable) lines to bring high performance Internet throughout a home or business, including remote areas with WiFi dead spots.
Since coaxial lines are now more available than ever to deliver highly reliable and fast Internet, this makes it an excellent option for Telco, Cable, and Satellite service providers, and VARs. As many homes are already wired with coaxial lines, it eliminates the need for costly rewiring and unnecessary truck rolls. Comtrend’s new Ethernet over Coax Adapter combines the benefits of standard coax technology and the superior features of such as delivering gigabit level performance and using technologies such as LDPC FEC (Forward Error Correction) to deliver an enhanced video streaming experience. Consumers can take full advantage of the latest high-bandwidth applications and services such as streaming of HD TV, UHD/4K TV, OTT services, access to cloud-based resources, and online gaming.

Donna Yasay commented: “The power of is in the fact that it works over any wire using the same technology. Coax products are quickly following the successful entry of powerline products in the market and we support and applaud the efforts of Comtrend and other members to bring coax products to market.”

Read the Comtrend news announcement here.

Comtrend’s video on can be viewed here.