One year on and is making a real impact in China

By Donna Yasay, HomeGrid Forum president

A year ago we announced that mainland China and Taiwan had harmonized on as their ‘smart home’ wireline home network technology – a significant milestone in a massive market. Now is really proving its worth as the technology hits the retail market with listings on China’s most high profile eCommerce sites Alibaba and Taobao.

With a range of new products now available on-line and even finding their way onto the shelves of Chinese retailers, millions of Chinese households can finally choose for their home networks.

Thanks to Chinese manufacturers Wondertek and Brightech, in-home networking products based on the high performance, highly versatile standard have now become widely available in China.

With product listings on key e-commerce sites such as Alibaba (the Chinese equivalent of Amazon) and Taobao (one of the top 20 most-visited sites in the world, similar to eBay), is reaching the market quickly. The simple plug-and-play nature of the products means that we expect a significant take-up once consumers see just how much products can enhance their home networks – our ‘it just works’ slogan really applies in retail!

The initial offerings are powerline-based products including powerline adapters which are attached via Ethernet to broadband gateways. But with also being used to connect Blu-Ray players and set top boxes as well as IP-Networked HD TVs,’s true ‘plug and play’ nature is constantly growing in strength and acceptance as the industry begins to recognize its value.

The results we are seeing in China come from the hard work of many people around the world and the drive of Chinese manufacturers, technology companies and service providers to get their customers the best technology available. It is great to see the strength that is having in the region with e-commerce retail now stocking products, it is exciting to see market acceptance and growth worldwide!