G.hn Unleashes 4k Ubiquity

– Submitted by Francis Ng, Huawei

Hisilicon is proud to present its own vision of a total home networking solution of the 4K era harnessing Hisilicon chipsets in the 23rd China Content Broadcasting Network Exhibition (CCBN) 2015, which will take place in Beijing from 3/26 to 3/28, 2015. 

This live demo features 3 G.hn PLC modems featuring Hisilicon chipsets, connected together through power line. A 4K live video footage is streamed from a server through a "gateway" modem to another modem 10m away on the power line to be displayed on a 4K TV. Meanwhile, another live feed from an Hisilicon IP cam is streamed through another modem to the "gateway" modem 50m away on the power line and then routed through a Huawei Honor Cube featuring Hisilicon chipsets to a Huawei WiFi-enabled media pad or a laptop to be displayed.



The 4K paradigm revolutionizes the home theater experience but also raises the bar for the home network requirement. It also presents new opportunities to broadband service providers as 4K content is delivered over the "last mile" to the home gateway through optical fiber, telephone line, ethernet cable or even LTE. Exploiting the "wall penetrating" power and high-bandwidth of G.hn to complement the "connections anywhere" flexibility of WiFi to provide wide seamless coverage without "blind spots", the Hisilicon home networking solution is empowered to render the much anticipated media serving experience in the 4K paradigm.