Low Latency Conference

Date: October 6, 2020

Time: 14:30 -1700 CEST

Why wait!

Consumers want to watch their video instantaneously on their mobile, school teachers want direct interaction with their pupils, factories need their production/yield status directly, autonomous cars are dependent on real time information, fintech companies should have payment status now, company video conference can’t have hick ups, gamers want immediate response, medical professionals want direct control, e-commerce suppliers need to know their stock all the time and you don’t want your virtual reality application hampering.

In other words all users (from enduser to service provider) in the online / mobile world don’t want to wait!

This conference is about how the service providers / content providers envision the future of their respective online / mobile services, whether it be 5G or other platforms. What can we expect as consumer / professional in the coming decade.

Speakers at this conference will share their vision of the future and what they need for accomplishing that.

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