IoThings Rome

Start date: November 21, 2018

End date: November 22, 2018

Location: Rome, Italy

IOTHINGS Rome is the fall edition of IOTHINGS, the international springtime event which takes place in Milan, organized by Innovability, totally focused on IoT and the emerging Digital Transformation of Things. More than a thousand participants took part at the last Roman edition on the 21st / 22nd November, among which 59 companies including sponsors, partners and exhibitors from all over Europe.

A wide audience, both Italian and international, has attended 19 event sessions listening to 92 speakers and appreciating the quality of the topics exposed during the 13 conference sessions. The IoT market offers latest products and new business opportunities all the time, therefore it was necessary to come up with a fall event beside the spring one, giving both a specialization in applications and users’ target.

IOThings Rome strongly focuses on IOT applications for country energy networks, mobility, telecommunications, critical infrastructures, surveillance, protection and security of the territory. Moreover IOTHINGS Rome is the first Italian event about IoT showing how Geographic Information System ( GIS ) are increasingly important and strategics on the development and delivery of IOT applications and services.