ReadyLinks joins HomeGrid Forum, bringing cloud-managed networking knowledge for accelerating Access deployments

Beaverton, April 11, 2023: Industry-leading cloud networking specialists, ReadyLinks, have joined the HomeGrid Forum. They will bring their knowledge and expertise of networking delivery derived from specializing in products that deliver IP and Ethernet-based services into the fast-growing alliance of system vendors, silicon vendors, enterprise customers, and service providers accelerating broadband deployments.

Companies of all sizes – from best-in-world hotels, casinos, and resorts to tier 1 service providers – use ReadyLinks hardware, software and APIs to upgrade networks, simplify deployment, and enhance user experience. With over 1,000 communities being improved by service providers using ReadyLinks technologies, customers choose to use them as they provide superior performance in high-density, challenging and power constrained environments.

HomeGrid Forum’s President Livia Rosu said, “it is with great pleasure that we welcome ReadyLinks as a HomeGrid Forum member, joining our GiGAWire™ Task Force. They bring vast knowledge of cloud managed multi-gigabit networks with PoE++ functionality, over 2 conductors of copper natively and a product suite that leverages existing infrastructure.”

ReadyLinks products are designed and built from the ground up for cloud management, and come out of the box with centralized management, visibility, real-time web-based diagnostics, monitoring, reporting, and more. The ReadyLinks Cloud Networking approach provides centralized management, visibility, and control without the cost and complexity of controller appliances or overlay management software.

The ReadyLinks solution set features a wide range of cloud managed CPE, ideal for MDUs, SFUs and MTUs, as it delivers high-speed data and power over existing wires. Their expansive product line also offers a diverse set of cloud-managed switches that provide centralized management, visibility, and control, without the cost and complexity of controller appliances.

Their solution has been adopted into enterprise and carrier-grade deployments across the world. With hundreds of thousands of ports deployed, and hundreds of millions of dollars transacting across their system annually, the ReadyLinks system is a secure, reliable, validated, and trusted solution for Tier 1 Telcos, WISP, and hospitality providers alike looking to upgrade their facilities to fiber speeds without the exorbitant cost and hassle of rewiring.

ReadyLinks President and CEO, Larry Synstelien, commented on their new membership, “We are excited to join the HomeGrid Forum and help cater to the demands of today’s wired and wireless networks. Being able to combine the simplicity of the cloud with the power of enterprise and carrier-grade hardware, we are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and produce high-end Access products to support enterprise and service provider deployments”.

The ReadyLinks ReadyViewTM dashboard is the backbone of the highly available, secure, and efficient ReadyLinks solution set. The ReadyViewTM dashboard application provides real-time, multi-network monitoring, management, inventory, and provisioning. Built upon modern REST APIs, with cross-platform support including Android, Apple, & most web browsers, the ReadyViewTM enables IT administrators, NOC operators, and local technicians, greater visibility and control.  By empowering boots on the ground with real-time alerts and diagnostics, meaning network disturbances are caught and remedied before they become service affecting.

In addition to the ReadyViewTM dashboard, ReadyLinks has developed an in-house solution to address costly subscriber activation and subscriber management, ReadyOnTM. With ReadyOnTM, the subscriber manages their network, defines their service level, and pays their subscription entirely online. Native integration and purpose built, ReadyViewTM and ReadyOnTM enable a modern, cloud-managed solution for subscriber management and payment processing. With real-time alerting, historical metrics, and service availability, subscribers and providers alike benefit from operational efficiencies and next-gen network insights.

Tom Barnett, LUMEN Director Strategic Innovation and Vice President of the HomeGrid Forum, highlighted: “ReadyOnTM is a zero-touch provisioning solution that allows a customer to be in charge of their service. Lumen is focused on providing the best customer experience it can and the ReadyLinks system is a big part of this effort.”

The ReadyLinks Software (ReadyViewTM & ReadyOnTM) and Hardware (Indoor, outdoor switches, and CPE) ecosystem create the ultimate customer experience with immediate revenue out of the box without extensive integration.

The Case Study Las Vegas Gaming Networks Deployment by LUMEN with ReadyLinks Access systems can be viewed here:


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About ReadyLinks

ReadyLinks Inc., founded in 2003, designs, manufactures, and supplies the industry-leading solution specializing in cloud-managed, symmetrical gig service delivery over any existing copper infrastructure for enterprise and service providers worldwide. With hundreds of thousands of ports under active management, and hundreds of millions of dollars transacting our system annually, the ReadyLinks system is secure, reliable, validated, and a trusted solution for enterprise users focused on providing fiber speeds over any copper-based infrastructure. The ReadyLinks ecosystem provides greater visibility, reliability, and monetization to any network globally. To learn more about our hardware, software, and instant subscriber activation, please visit our website at or reach out to us directly at

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