Oledcomm joins HomeGrid Forum to progress the LiFi interoperability using G.hn backbone

Paris, France, October 05, 2022: HomeGrid Forum has welcomed Oledcomm to contribute to the coexistence and interoperability testing needed for accelerating the market adoption of Light Fidelity (LiFi) using the G.hn backbone.

Oledcomm is a spin-off from the Paris-Saclay University research, which co-invented Visible Light Communication in 2005. LiFi is a form of wireless communication which uses LEDs to transmit data at high speeds over the visible light, ultraviolet and infrared spectrums. LiFi is a more secure form of wireless communication than Wi-Fi, as any information being transmitted can only travel as far as the light is visible. For governments buildings, law firms and other companies sharing sensitive data, this technology is invaluable. For other market segments like schools and hospitals the use of LiFi infrastructure is driven by the strong requirements of limiting the exposure to electromagnetic waves.

Oledcomm has already been instrumental for the rapid introduction of the LiFi products on the consumers market by launching at the CES Las Vegas 2022 a LiFi tablet for schools in France.

“Welcoming Oledcomm as a member is a great step for HomeGrid Forum and the innovation of G.hn in the LiFi industry,” said HomeGrid Forum President Livia Rosu. “We are witnessing an exponential increase of the LiFi use cases driven by sensitive data sharing requirements. With the recent launch of the HomeGrid Forum LiFi Task Force, it is an exciting time for Oledcomm to join us in progressing the G.hn standards-based interoperability ecosystem for LiFi.”

Oledcomm President and co-CEO, Benjamin Azoulay said: “Joining HomeGrid Forum will be a great step for Oledcomm in our journey of learning about and adopting the most secure and reliable technologies to aid the development of LiFi. The solid foundation, provided by G.hn, will be a critical factor in the successful adoption of LiFi and the entire industry must realize its potential to truly reap the benefits of LiFi technology.”

Oledcomm displayed a disruptive LiFi demo at the LiFi Conference earlier this year: https://lificonference.com/program/

To view Oledcomm’s solutions for specific industries and use cases please visit: https://www.oledcomm.net/#lifi-technology

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To view the HomeGrid Forum G.hn broadband connectivity solution through light with LiFi please visit: https://homegridforum.org/lifi/

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