G.hn recognized as backbone for 5G and IoT home automation infrastructure at IEEE 5G++ Summit

German developer Teleconnect shows how a home gateway can be used to securely isolate various independent functions

Dresden, Germany, 26 May 2022: The utilization of G.hn as a backbone for 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) services showed significant industry momentum at the IEEE 5G Summit++, in Dresden, with Teleconnect, the German developer of hardware and software for telecommunications and data transmission systems, showcasing how a Home Gateway can be used to provide different independent functions in a securely isolated way.

Using G.hn as the backbone via Teleconnect’s GHN.SOM.PLC module and Kernkonzept’s open-source secure L4Re hypervisor system running different applications, the demonstration – built by Kernkonzept, Teleconnect and Technische Universität Dresden – illustrated a 5G high performance networking and low profile energy monitoring use case. This technology paves the way to a more flexible, reliable, secure and cost-efficient architecture of modern communication systems, directly targeting challenges in critical infrastructure and next generation functional and information security.

“The HomeGrid Forum certification of the G.hn solution for industrial environments has opened exciting opportunities for the industry,” said Philipp Rietzsch, Head of Research & Development at Teleconnect and Chair of the Industrial IoT Task Force at HomeGrid Forum. “The demonstration at the IEEE 5G++ Summit gives an example of just one of these opportunities. We are looking forward to driving this technology to create a more sustainable future.”

The Proof of Concept (PoC) is a result of the publicly funded project “Jupiter” involving Teleconnect, TU Dresden and Kernkonzept, leveraging the certification of the GHN.SOM.PLC module by HomeGrid Forum for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.

The Gateway was converted into a universal “edge-cloud” node able to run home automation services, such as energy control, and network functionalities, such as software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), up to Kubernetes and OpenStack, whereas the secure hypervisor system L4Re provided strong isolation between the components consolidated on a single platform.

The GHN.SOM.PLC module is a powerful small form factor and retrofit solution which guarantees the high performance of IIoT and connected devices through MIMO-enabled powerline communications.

G.hn works seamlessly through existing wiring to provide low latency connectivity that is suitable for handling two-way, high bandwidth and real-time traffic, including environmental sensors and video surveillance. HomeGrid Forum G.hn certification ensures that commercially available solutions comply with ITU-T G.hn standards and the interoperability requirements set out in the HomeGrid Forum Certification Test Plans.

“The DINrail mounted PoC with a powerful processing platform marks another exciting milestone for G.hn Industrial IoT use cases, highlighting the digital transformation of the industry,” said HomeGrid Forum President Livia Rosu. “Using G.hn as the backbone for IoT network management and SDN-based systems accelerates the deployment of additional devices inside the energy distribution structure of the household and the multi-dwelling units connected through powerlines to ultimately enable IoT home automation. The HomeGrid Forum Industrial IoT Task Force sees the importance of energy control and ensuring sustainability in the IIoT setting, driving G.hn innovation and deployments for these applications.”

You can find more information regarding G.hn technology and solutions:

HomeGrid Forum Members can download the Industrial IoT specifications and milestones documents from the Members area: https://members.homegridforum.org/wg/IIoT-TF/dashboard

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For more information about the GHN.SOM.PLC module from Teleconnect, visit: https://www.teleconnect.de/ghn-tcd.pdf

For more information about Kernkonzept and the L4Re system, visit: https://kernkonzept.com

Technische Universität Dresden (TU-Dresden) is Saxony’s largest university, https://tu-dresden.de

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