G.hn certification reaches record levels as the HomeGrid Forum warns about deploying uncertified products

Beaverton, US, 14 December 2020: HomeGrid Forum and Allion Labs, the alliance’s Accredited Testing House in Taiwan,  have today revealed that 46 products have received the globally-recognized G.hn Certification. This status guarantees that all products tested comply with ITU-T G.hn standards and HomeGrid Forum requirements regarding interoperability, performance and reliability. 

This wider certification comes as the HomeGrid Forum warns of the dangers of uncertified devices, particularly at a time when remote working and home learning has grown in popularity. As networks remain under pressure due to increased data traffic, the need for global standards organizations, certified products and mature technology has never been greater. 

“Providing a strong universal backbone for the growing number of connected devices, G.hn technology can be deployed instantly to extend consumer and small business networks for 100 percent seamless reliable coverage. Precisely for that reason, only G.hn devices that have been certified at the silicon and system level should be installed for guaranteed interoperability and smooth connectivity,” cautioned Dr. Len Dauphinee, President of HomeGrid Forum. “We are delighted for our members and are encouraged to see so many devices being submitted for certification – especially at a time when robust, reliable and secure networks are paramount.”

Systems from several system vendors and equipment manufacturers were involved in the testing including devolo, Comtrend and SendTek. The successful range of certified products includes the devolo Magic 2 LAN DINrail adapter which optimizes data transmission at the control cabinet or fuse box to enhance powerline networks and the Comtrend PG-9086 Powerline IoT WiFi adapter which extends Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home to support internet, video streaming and IoT devices simultaneously. Also included are the NexusLink GPL-1200PoE G.hn powerline device with the added benefit of Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity for hard-to-reach locations the SendTek CES833 G.hn Coax Gigabit Ethernet bridge and the SendTek CES862 G.hn Coax Wi-Fi Gigabit Ethernet bridge which co-exist with CATV and enable mobile devices to be seamlessly connected to Wi-Fi anywhere at home.

Through the HomeGrid Forum’s G.hn Certification program, the alliance aims to ensure the quality and consistency of G.hn products to promote an ecosystem of compliant and interoperable products.  This is designed to guarantee that end users receive high performance G.hn components which are capable of achieving the technology’s full potential. This latest round of certifications demonstrates the effectiveness of HomeGrid Forum members accelerating the deployment of G.hn in response to market demands across a multitude of industry sectors.

Companies intending to deploy G.hn products should request HGF certification from their potential vendors and consumers should look for the HGF certification logo on G.hn products they purchase. For consumers especially, this will ensure interoperability with existing G.hn products they may have in their network. Certification will also ensure non-interference with devices installed in their neighbors’ networks.

The HomeGrid Forum G.hn Certification program has been running since 2015 and involves a strict testing process to ensure the most secure, effective, and reliable means to connect the growing number of devices being loaded onto home networks. These certification programs are essential for future innovation within the industry, to guarantee a high degree of quality and compliance among vendors and products to benefit consumers, businesses and manufacturers worldwide.

You can see the growing list of G.hn devices certified for home connectivity online here: https://homegridforum.org/certified-systems/.