HomeGrid Forum showcased newly certified G.hn devices at CES Asia 2017!

By Livia Rosu, HomeGrid Forum Workgroup Marketing Chair

Last month HomeGrid Forum announced a number of newly certified G.hn products at CES Asia, one of the region’s leading technology events that took place in Shanghai. During the latest wave of certifications, six devices achieved certification, bringing the total number of certified devices to 26 since testing began.

During the event, members from HomeGrid Forum demonstrated how G.hn certifications are enhancing device interoperability and explained that certification is key for the industry because it ensures minimum standards are met, offering consumers and vendors protection.

Member devices certified in this wave include; ARRIS (coax), Comtrend (powerline), D-Link (powerline), NetBit (powerline), Zinwell (powerline) and Zowee (phoneline) powered by MaxLinear, Sigma Designs and Xingtera G.hn silicon. All devices are certified through the HomeGrid Forum’s Accredited Test House (ATH) Allion Labs. A full list of all G.hn certified devices available can be viewed here: Certified Systems.

G.hn networks are the most suitable way to provide an in-home ultra-broadband experience as they operate over any available medium, and can extend Wi-Fi coverage and performance throughout the home as well as being easy to install. G.hn not only provides a robust backbone for the IoT and the digital world we live in, it also provides security through encryption and device pairing.

Asia is recognised as an important market for the continued growth of G.hn, particularly as consumers are increasingly demanding always-on, seamless connectivity, where there are no dead zones, and no restrictions on bandwidth hungry applications such as Video on Demand (VoD), streaming services, online gaming and 4K TV.

According to Digital TV Europe, a recent industry report has revealed that China is the market leader when it comes to sales of connected 4K TVs. In 2016, “nearly 12 million” 4K TVs were sold in Europe, compared to over 25 million in China. And this figure is set to rise. An article from 4K.com supports the research prediction that the number of 4K TV sales in China will reach 44 million by 2020.

Overall, the research indicates that the demand for fast, reliable, secure, connected networks in China, and other areas of Asia, is crucial to consumers, and will remain integral to Asian countries staying ahead in the technology stakes.

HomeGrid Forum is hosting an industry seminar on G.hn at the Shanghai Smart Home Technology event in Shanghai, China. The seminar will take place on Wednesday 6 September, from 9.15 – 11.15 am. For more information on the event, or to confirm your place to attend, please email: pr@homegridforum.org