HomeGrid Forum attends CES Asia for first time!

At CES Asia earlier this month, HomeGrid Forum showcased G.hn as the most versatile in-home technology, through demos of a wide range of applications over every wired medium in the home.
By Donna Yasay, President, HomeGrid Forum


Earlier this month we exhibited at CES Asia for the first time in HomeGrid Forum’s history. The show was a great success and we were really impressed by the amount of traffic the show received on all three days – even the last day was full of delegates and felt very productive.

We had a total of four demonstrations in the booth which showed a variety of examples of why G.hn is the most powerful home networking technology for delivering high quality content at gigabit speeds.

Demonstrations included a Broadband Forum performance test plan for powerline, using TR-208 and G.hn universal PLC splitters from Allion Labs. Broadband Forum’s TR-208 was created in a collaboration with powerline chipset manufacturers based on two different standards to find an effective way to repeatedly test powerline in a lab.

We also had Skyworth 4K Smart TVs in the booth to educate attendees on why G.hn powerline is the most robust wireless backhaul solution, showing the true ‘plug and play’ nature of G.hn for creating a smart home entertainment center.

We also demonstrated ubiquitous connectivity through every wired medium, such as powerline, coax, phoneline and plastic optical fiber (POF). We also showed products which are now available in Asia at big retail outlets Alibaba and Taobao, most of which were in the process of being certified.

Our booth was received well by the predominantly Asian audience. Asia is a big market for G.hn deployments so we were really excited to show that G.hn is the best choice, with new products being certified regularly. We had several key meetings during the show and have returned with very positive feedback.

We would like to thank the following members for their participation and contributions during the show: ARRIS, Brightech, Comtrend, D-Link, FirstMile, Marvell, PESI/Prime, Readylinks, Sigma, Technicolor, Lechentek/Wondertek, Xingtera, YOTC and Zinwell.