HomeGrid Forum Highlights Critical Importance of G.hn as the Backbone for Wireless Video Delivery in the Consumer Technology Space

“Our goal is to bring the benefits of the carrier influence on G.hn to the retail market” – Donna Yasay, President, HomeGrid Forum

CTA Technology & Standards Forum, San Diego, 5 April, 2016

News highlights:

  • HomeGrid Forum to attend CTA Technology & Standards Forum for the first time
  • Donna Yasay, President, HomeGrid Forum to speak in Industry Alliance Reports session
  • Donna Yasay invited to the Alliance Community Meeting to provide feedback on how CTA can better help industry alliances achieve their goals in 2016

Representatives from every segment of the consumer technology industry will meet in San Diego this week for the CTA Technology & Standards Forum to discuss how best to develop industry standards and shape the future of consumer technology. With US shipments of 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV sets having reached four million by the end of 2015, more than 200% up on the previous year according to the Consumer Electronics Association, the need for cohesive industry standards for wireless video delivery is strong.

HomeGrid Forum President, Donna Yasay, will speak during the Industry Alliance Reports session, which brings together consumer technology alliances and will discuss the wider consumer technology industry. Yasay will report how G.hn devices certified by HomeGrid Forum offer significant improvements to customers. Key elements include HomeGrid Forum’s commitment to interoperability between different chipset providers, as well as guaranteed speeds between different devices; standards bodies do not address these aspects in any detail.

According to Donna Yasay, President of HomeGrid Forum, “G.hn has become the backbone technology that allows reliable, high-speed video delivery throughout the home, coupled with the convenience of consumer-friendly wireless attachment.”

Yasay will also speak at the Alliance Community Meeting, an opportunity for the consumer technology industry as a whole to review the activities of the CTA in 2016. The meeting will provide the opportunity to explore how CTA could better support industry alliances to increase their influence in the consumer technology sector.

HomeGrid Forum recognized the need for Interoperability, Performance (IOP), and Compliance Testing based on real market requirements in the consumer technology industry. HomeGrid Forum is the industry group set up to achieve these objectives for G.hn and all its members are developing G.hn technologies. Yasay will advise CTA of the need to keep track of new requirements and market trends to maintain the relevance of industry standards.

“G.hn was originally targeted at the carrier market where consistent, reliable performance is key. Our goal now is to bring the benefits of this carrier influence to the retail market. We are very pleased to be attending CTA for the first time and I am excited to give my report on the excellent work HomeGrid Forum has been doing on G.hn technology. HomeGrid Forum certification will ensure high quality video and wireless communications for the consumer technology sector,” concluded Yasay.

The CTA Technology & Standards Forum brings together engineers, product managers, and technology alliances to discuss the latest in consumer technology and to further develop the necessary industry standards. With over 2,200 member companies, the Consumer Technology Association provides information, leadership and representation to every segment of the consumer technology industry.