CenturyLink supports the future of G.hn with Promoter Membership.

By Michael Fargano, Industry Standards Program Manager at CenturyLink

We have decided that this is the perfect time for us to join HomeGrid Forum and we are really looking forward to working with other members as we believe that G.hn is a revolutionary networking technology for global adoption.

Seeing the maturity of G.hn and the growing demand that it is seeing worldwide, we have decided to join HomeGrid Forum to really highlight our support for the future of G.hn.
As an industry leader in gigabit deployment, offering advanced entertainment services as well as network and data systems management, big data analytics, cloud and IT consulting services, we are committed to finding new ways to offer our customers the high-quality, high-performance network that they demand.

By joining as a Promoter Member, we will play a key role in the future of G.hn. We will co-operate and have real-life working impacts across HomeGrid Forum’s various activities including standards work, compliance and interoperability as well as marketing and events.

Over the years G.hn has really transformed from a technical concept to a highly successful globally adopted networking solution. With more and more bandwidth demanding applications such as HDTV, Ultra-HD, 4K TV, audio and VoIP, video surveillance and gaming – operators are under increased pressure to offer advanced services to their customers. We are excited to join the highly engaged team of HomeGrid Forum members and show our support for the future of G.hn.