Talking at TV Connect – all about the importance of in the Smart Home

– Ramon Garcia, Product Manager Broadband Solutions BU, Marvell

I am speaking this week at TV Connect in London as a panelist in the Interactive Panel Discussion: “Industry Wide Cohesive Smart Home Standardization: Can it be done?”

I will be talking about how the Smart Home involves connected devices but with different requirements, for example a connected light bulb will not have same requirements as a connected NAS.

I will, of course, be explaining our premise that interoperability is KEY in the smart home. In order to generate that interoperability, two things need to happen:

Firstly, recognized Standardization Bodies need to create the specification for given requirements. It is important to aim to avoid existing Industry Specs becoming a de facto standard, particularly single source. So in a nutshell, the following elements are important:

  • It should be a consensus specification
  • It should be created with contribution of all the industry stakeholders
  • It is implementable by ANYONE

I will of course be pointing out that our technology, agreed and developed through the ITU-T, fits all of these criteria.

Secondly interoperability needs a recognized Industry Group to implement IOP and Compliance Testing and to implement proper surveillance of market in order to:

  • Certify IOP
  • Maintain IOP

I will also argue that HomeGrid Forum is the industry group that is set up to achieve these objectives on behalf of and all the members who are developing technologies.
In addition, I will argue that it is important that standards should be ALIVE. We must keep track of new requirements or market trends to revise standards and keep them relevant.
So wish me luck for the panel discussion and please go on spreading the word about the power of and the HomeGrid Forum approach!

Anyone in London this week can see a number of contributions at TV Connect April 28-23 at the ExCel, London – for more details see our events page at